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Below are the character profiles for the development team of Grave.

Tristan Parrish Moore - Designer/Creative Director


Tristan has been working on professionally on games, film and simulation since 2010. He has credits on a number of titles, including WWE'13 and Due Date. Most recently, he worked at Redacted Studios, with many key people from the God of War, Legacy of Kain and Afro Samurai franchises.

Tristan is no slouch when it comes to development tasks, either. He has worked on large number of 3D assets, the majority of Unity integration and even the bulk of the gameplay code. He considers himself to be a "Jack of all Trades," ready to fill any role that is needed.

Abigail Bagulay-Moore - Lead Artist


Aby is a British, Arizona based 3D Environment artist. Her background is in traditional art and games art, having worked professionally on Sony Home projects and as a freelance games artist. This freelance experience has transitioned into independent games development, primarily for Grave since early 2013. Her influences from traditional art and love of the Horror/thriller genre, (in books, games, art and movies) has heavily influenced the direction of Graves art and feel throughout the game as it has progressed and evolved.

Daniel Strayer - Programming

After graduating high school in 2003, Daniel joined the US Army where he served for 5 years as a Scout Reconnaissance Sniper and an Armorer. After being honorably discharged in 2009, he went back home to Idaho where he spent a year with his family. In January 2010, Daniel moved to Arizona to attend school once again at The University of Advancing Technology; where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Programming with emphasis is Game Programming.

Daniel has always had a passion for game development. He began developing his skills in 3D modeling, animation, and rendering as a hobby starting in middle school. He also began programming shaders and developing games in visual basic with DirectX. Today, Daniel's real passion is in graphics programming and shader development. He has built a sparse voxel octree rending system with C++, Cuda, and DirectX from scratch and is always looking for ways to push the boundaries of what we experience in games today.

William Tate - Creature Creator

Will is an experienced 3D Artist, both in Character and Environment art. He’s worked professionally on iOS and Console game development as an artist and is the creator of the main ‘Stranger’ creature concept for Grave. Although Will has contributed the main recognizable creature, he is not a full time member of the team; Part of the Kickstarter pledge is to have the capacity to change that and utilize Will’s talents fully.

Richard Partridge - Concept Art

Richard Partridge is a British Illustrator and Concept Artist who has been working in the the games and media industry for over two years now. Not only has he worked on a range of games from browser to mobile, he also has experience working for film preproduction. His favourite horror game series to tuck into on a dark and gloomy night is Project Zero (Fatal Frame).

“There is something deeply fascinating with the horror genre, especially within the medium of computer games. It’s a very personal experience and is a hotbed for all sorts of emotions. It’s not just about being shocked and jump scares ( well sometimes). There is a deeper and richer part that is to be tapped into.

It’s the story, the world. Why am I terrified to learn more about this place? Why do I feel this sense of dread as I turn off my computer and go to bed?

It’s these experiences that I love to explore, and being involved with the Grave project opens up many avenues to continue unearthing our terrors.”

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