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The creatures in Grave pose the largest threat to your life; they should be handled with caution.

Creatures Revealed So Far[]

Every creature requires a different approach, and what can harm one may not be able to affect another. Unlike survival horror staples that use strength and speed as the main differences between enemy types, the creatures in Grave all interact uniquely with the items in your inventory, some having totally opposite or extremely unpredictable behavior.


The "standard" enemies of Grave, Strangers are hurt by light and are vulnerable to most types of attack. However, they stalk you unpredictably and can seemingly materialize out of the shadows. Listening for their scream is the best way to avoid deadly encounters.


The Progenitor is invulnerable to most attacks, and emits a psychic pulse that damages your weapons and anyone who comes in contact. It only has one weak point but is fortunately a bit slower than the Strangers.


These statues appear during the day and at night, but take on a sinister tone when it gets dark. They will rarely be seen moving, and will instead shift towards the player when they aren't looking. If the player is really careful to remain unnoticed, they might be able to catch a glimpse of the creatures coming to life. Concept Art By Richard PartridgeConcept Art By Richard Partridge


Lurkers are physically pained creatures who are extremely sensitive to light and sound. Unfortunately, while it hurts them, it doesn't really stop them. They will attack aggressively anything they hear making noise or see emitting light to ease their pain. The only way to defeat them is to overload their senses entirely or try to misdirect them.